Boot Camp is the BEST! 

Kim's creativeness makes it fun to work out. I've met new people, worked as a team and improved my fitness lifestyle. It's a WIN-WIN!


Need My Daily Workouts!

I always need my daily workouts but this week especially. I woke up everyday exhausted and dreading the day and bootcamp turned around my mood each day!! ESP being outside today. Plus, I'm really sore but it feels good and is a good reminder to keep working hard!


A Great Workout!

Kim mixes up each session to keep it interesting, challenging and fun. My fitness level has definitely increased, and I look forward to each session. 


Jump Started My Fitness!

I have to say that Boot Camp is the jump start I need to get myself back into shape after a 9 month hiatus from exercising. Even though it was hard and I felt like quitting, after the first couple sessions I started to feel better and I have more energy and look forward to each session.

~Sara H

I Really Enjoy Boot Camp!

I've been doing twice-a-week boot camp for eight months now, and I really enjoy it. On days that we have boot camp, I feel more energized through the day. Plus, we're always doing different things and combining exercises in different ways so it's never boring. The boot camp combines strength training and cardio so I feel that I've gotten a total workout. 

~Sarah B

Kim Makes The Difference

I have never found it easy to get up and go to the gym, so I approached hiring a personal trainer. I have used a few different trainers that have not truly cared about their clients. Kim Hardewig is an amazing trainer who takes each and every client to his/her highest level. I always look forward to my weekly training sessions with Kim. Every session is different, keeping it fun and interesting. My health and fitness levels have improved and clothes that were getting too tight are fitting properly again. I have more energy than I have ever had and feel so much better as a person. I thought hiring a personal trainer was a bit of a luxury, but it's been worth every penny. I would definitely recommend hiring Kim to anyone.


Makes The Time Fly By!

I wanted to say thank you for instructing the boot camp. I have really enjoyed it and have received a fantastic workout each and every time. I also enjoy how you mix it up. Keeps me and my muscles guessing and makes the time fly by!


It's Fantastic!

I wanted to tell you how much I love the class! I can see a difference in my physical and metal ability all together! It's fantastic! 


Another Great Workout! 

Today was another great workout! We both love your classes and are amazed that we have not had one class the same. 


Loving Boot Camp!

I am loving the boot camp. You do a great job! Thanks for not killing me.


It was Humbling!

It was humbling. I have been working out since January, but obviously I have not been pushing myself. 


Abs Felt Great!

I think those sprints will really help w/ my running and by the way, my abs felt great this morning! 


Glad I Took The Chance On It!

Thanks again, it's been a great help to me to have your boot camp jump start me back into getting fit again. I'm glad I took the chance on it!


Love How You Mix It Up!

I am very glad I signed up for it. I do feel like I am getting into better shape and toning. Especially the butt and legs and arms. I always am glad when it is over and feel like I got a great workout. I love how you mix it up.


I love Your Classes! 

Thanks Kim! This is all so very helpful - it's great!!! I also can't express enough how much I love your classes!


Have Fun And Be Healthy At The Same Time, What Could Be Better!!

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Boot Camp class at Pacelli. I decided to join your classes after some urging from another one of you clients. My husband and I are deciding between Pacelli and another school for our sons and she thought it would be a good way for me to meet some other parents. Not only do I love you workouts but I've met so many new people who have become influential in our education decision for our sons. I feel like I already have a head start in meeting people and knowing that we have made the right decision for our family. I really appreciate the service you provide and think it's a great opportunity for the parents to have fun and be healthy at the same time, what could be better!!


Bridal Boot Camp!

It was September 23 when I got engaged and everything from there on out seemed to fall in place. Within one month I had picked out my dress, photographer, flowers and cake. Everything seemed to be falling into place except for I was not happy with the way I looked and felt as an individual. A friend of mine referred me to Kim Hardewig, a fitness trainer and I am forever grateful. I was extremely intimated the first day because I thought boot camp was going to be too much for me to handle. I had worked out in the past but never with a trainer that really was concerned about bettering each and everyone's ability and challenging each person in boot camp to his/her highest level. Kim's unique training methods made it so that we were able to workout at different levels but kept us engaged at our own levels. Working out has always been a chore for me but after joining Kim's boot camp I anxiously await for the next boot camp. I lost thirteen pounds and if I would have eaten healthier I would have for sure lost more. Walking down the aisle on my wedding day I felt very confident and looking at my wedding photos today I am very proud of myself for making working out a life change. The boot camp made me physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the big day. Thanks Kim for making me realize that working out can be enjoyable and thanks for the awesome results. 


Meeting New People

I've really enjoyed boot camp, meeting new people, and reading your articles. You have such a wealth of info.


I'm So Glad You Did This. THANK YOU!

I have needed to get back into exercising and paying more attention to what I eat, and this really helped me. Thank you for your guidance and support. I really appreciate it and am excited to keep going with your boot camp!


Loving Boot Camp

I'm really loving Boot Camp and would like to do another session, I might add another day!


I Just Felt So Much Better! 

I thought it worked out very well. It was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things. I just felt so much better between the diet and the exercise. I have to say, I really enjoyed your classes. I thought it was a very challenging workout. 


I REALLY Like Your Boot Camps!


It Felt Individualized!

The variety of time/day and location for available workouts was a plus for me. I also thought that the length of the classes (45 minutes) was nice. It allowed for warm up, frequent rest times (especially important for those, like me, who are out of shape) while getting in some good fat burning, muscle building time. I enjoyed not doing the same repetitive workouts each time. I felt like I had actually exercised and not just gone through the motions. 

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the classes. Each session was friendly, open to individuals no matter how "in shape"and felt individualized whether I was in a class of three or fifteen.


Amazing Job!

I think you did an amazing job of keeping us interested and hopping. I am not new to working out, but this really shook up the routine I was in.....Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this program.


I Was Successful With Losing Approx. 7 lbs. In 2 Weeks!

I really enjoyed your 14 day boot camp. I was successful with losing approx. 7 lbs., but I feel thinner as I probably toned areas I hadn't been working so much. Before two weeks ago, I went to the gym 5 days a week and worked out before going into work. Just feeling like I need to shake that routine up with something different, I joined your camp. I was pleasantly surprised with my results. 



I think the workouts have been outstanding! Definitely whipping me into shape. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. You should really feel good about helping people get fit.


I'm Happy With The Results And Of Course Your Class! 


I Have LOVED The Boot Camps - You Do Such A Great Job!


Thanks For Your Support! 

I am pleased with my weight loss! In total, I've lost nearly eight pounds in these two weeks!


Thanks, Kim! 

I wanted to tell you that since I started your boot camp I have reached my goal weight of 100 pounds this past week! I usually am between 108-110. I have lost several inches and gained some muscle too. I also run and take cycling classes, but notice a significant difference with your class on results. I am very happy with it! I certainly want to stick with it. Helps with self confidence and overall I just feel so much better. 


Love It!!!

Even though I'm up at 5am, I have more energy and spunk throughout the day!


Give It A Try!!

This is the best way to workout and enjoy doing it. I love waking up early to get a good butt kicking to start my day. You will be in the best shape of your life! To all my friends, give it a try!!


Best Of The Best!!!

I was at a plateau for over a year of working out on my own. After less than 2 weeks on Kim's meal/workout plan I dropped 8lbs and I feel fantastic!!!


You Will Not Regret It!

I was not a morning person and never thought I could get up at 5:00 AM to workout...but after two weeks of boot camp I was hooked. Kim makes every workout fun and challenging. The other boot campers are all wonderful and encouraging. Do will not regret it!



One of the best decisions I've ever made was to respond to the Fat Burner Challenge Email from Kim in August of last year. Boot Camp has helped me with the battle of the bulge, kept me sane, and I've made great friends in the process! Thank you Kim. Words cannot describe how grateful I am!


I'm Totally Hooked!!!

7 months ago I joined Kim Hardewig Boot Camp. It has so positively changed my life! I had been struggling to lose the last of the baby weight from my 3rd child and now not only have I lost the added weight, but I'm stronger than I've ever been. The best part of all is Kim Hardewig doesn't just motivate you to be physically healthier, she encourages you to be mentally fit as well. She brings a positive attitude to every class, and that is shared with every person who attends. My days are so much better when they start with boot camp! I'm totally hooked!!! Thanks Kim!!!


I Am Addicted!!

Six months ago I made one of the best decisions I've every made to join Kim Hardewig Boot Camp. Your all-around healthy body and mind approach is encouraging, positive and fun. Every day is different. Who knew I could do 5:30am with a smile on my face?! I look forward to spending my mornings with you and the wonderful friends I've made. I am addicted, thank you!!


Life Changing!

I work harder with Kim! I have lost over 20 pounds since beginning her program and I am hitting the ball longer and straighter because of my improved flexibility! Her program is life changing and it works!



When I signed up for boot camp, I was unsure of what to expect but I am so happy that I joined. Kim is a great motivator and I am amazed at how each class is different. You can tell that a lot of preparation goes into the classes. I didn't think I could do the 5:30 AM classes but I now look forward to my workout days. I have more energy and feel great for the rest of the day. I have lost a couple of inches in the last 6 weeks and have found that I have more energy to run around with my 3 year old. I only wish that I learned about Kim's boot camp earlier! The class is amazing. Thanks Kim!


I Still Love It!

I have been doing Kim's boot camp for over 2 years and I still love it! It's a great workout and I've made some wonderful friends. Every workout is different and it's always challenging. The evening classes are great since I work all day. Thanks Kim!


Weight Loss and Better Sleep!

I wasn't sure what to expect with Kim's HeartMath program. I didn't necessarily feel stressed but I was having a tough time sleeping at night and I was finding it tougher and tougher to lose the weight that kept increasing. I was eating healthy and exercising but I was still gaining weight. The things that had worked for me in the past were no longer working. I figured my hormones were out of whack but didn't know what to do to get back on track. I was tired all the time and my energy and mood fluctuated for no apparent reason. I was at a loss as to what to do. I saw one of Kim's emails about her stress reduction program and thought I'd give it a try. Wow! Within a very short time I noticed a huge difference. My motivation increased and I didn't experience big swings in my energy or mood anymore. But, the biggest change was in my weight. I didn't expect this at all and it took me awhile to realize this program was the reason behind my weight loss. I didn't change my eating or exercise habits but because I was sleeping better and my cortisol levels weren't crazy high anymore the weight naturally just came off. I am so thankful that I did this program and plan to continue to use my Inner Balance Trainer every day. It's so easy and I immediately feel a huge sense of calm come over me. The really cool thing is I'm able to duplicate that sense of calm in my everyday life and it's truly been the most amazing life changing experience ever! Thanks Kim!


Boosted My Confidence!

I wasn't excited about this program but my mom signed me up for it and thought it would help me. I didn't think I was as good as others at some things and that my life wasn't as exciting. I think social media plays a big role in making us feel this way and it's good to take a break and see it for what it is. I never would have tried something like this on my own. I didn't think much about why I felt certain ways and I definitely didn't realize I had control over how I felt. I'd always let people affect me with their opinions and moods and thought it was normal and just something I had to deal with. This program helped me gain the confidence I needed to distance myself when someone is being mean or negative. I also realized that how I feel and react is totally my decision. I'm more likely to empathize with others and to try to help when I can. The program made me want to put down my phone more and focus my thoughts and energy on positive things that can make a difference in my life. It made me think about what I want and how to achieve my goals. I use the Inner Balance App on my phone to make sure I'm keeping up with my progress and continuing to see the benefits. Thanks mom for making me do this!


Better Sleep!

Thanks Kim! This really helped with my menopause symptoms. I was able to sleep better and didn't experience as many drops in energy and hot flashes. I think it helped to regulate my hormones. 


Improved Golf Game!

This program has done wonders for my golf game. Kim encouraged me to try it because of my inconsistency on the golf course. I would get in my head too much and would be all over the place. I would play well one day, but you never knew what the next day would bring. I can't believe the difference it has made and how much calmer and consistent I am on every round. I practice the techniques Kim taught me and feel more in control of my game. Wish I had known about this years ago!


Having More Fun!

I used to think too much on the golf course. I would replay everything I had been taught during lessons to the point that I wouldn't do any of it very well. I was ok on the range when I wasn't so focused on the perfect shot, but couldn't duplicate that on the course. After working with Kim I learned to trust the feeling. My game has improved tremendously! I don't always hit a perfect shot because I could definitely improve my golf skills, but I have been able to relax and enjoy myself!


The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I want to thank you for all that you have done to make this a fun, rewarding, and results driven experience!!  I couldn't have done it on my own.  I don't get up at 4:45 in the morning and drive from Independence, KY for just anyone.  I sure as hell wouldn't do it for a gym membership!  You are a dear friend and my fitness mentor. Thank you!