Great News, it's finally here!!

You've been asking for my most popular workouts to be available for purchase, so I've put together a collection of favorites!. 

The workouts are the exact formats used in my most popular Boot Camp classes. 

Here's a sample of what you'll receive:

10 Tabata Workouts

5 Football Workouts 

Exercise Countdowns



30 Day Burpee Challenge

1 Leg Workouts

Designated Lower Body, Upper Body & Core Workouts 

1000 Rep Workout Challenge 

...and many more 

The workouts are comprised of 25 Body Weight Exercises so you can do them anywhere. No equipment is needed. All workouts are approximately 45 minutes but can be stopped at 30 minutes for a quicker workout. No need to go longer than 45 minutes, these are very effective workouts and 45 minutes will get it done. You'll get a tough fat burning workout every time! 

You can use these workouts to change up your current workout program or as a new program. Do them once a week or multiple times per week. Your options are endless! 

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, I'm so excited for you to try these!  

Click here to get started right away.