The incredible shrinking woman!  I am so elated with my results!  I'm not finished yet, I would like to lose 10 more and fit into my size 4 & 6.  When the before photos were taken, I was a size 12!  That is the biggest I have ever been.  In fact, I only allowed myself 2 pair of pants in that size; one for work, one for play.  I was not planning on being that size for long, and I'm so happy that this fitness ambassador contest came along when it did!  I have lost 19 pounds of fat and 17.5 inches collectively.  I'm sure I've gained some muscle mass in there as well.  I went from a size 12 to a size 6-8. My favorite designer jeans (29 waist) fit again!  And I'm not stuffing myself into them!  My muffin top is GONE and so is my belly.  My chest went down an entire cup size (thank goodness) and my arms no longer flap when I wave!  The results aren't just physical.  I have more energy, motivation, and my mood is much better!  I don't crave junk food anymore!  I actually crave healthy food! I also crave working out.  When I miss boot camp, I make sure to run a few miles that evening.  I am even training to run a 10k.  I want to thank you for all that you have done to make this a fun, rewarding, and results driven experience!!  I couldn't have done it on my own.  I don't get up at 4:45 in the morning and drive from Independence, KY for just anyone.  I sure as hell wouldn't do it for a gym membership!  You are a dear friend and my fitness mentor.  Thank you! 

Measurements Day 1

174 pounds

arms:              12.5 inches

waist:              31 inches

chest:             38 inches (DD cup)

love handles:    39.5 inches

hips:                45 inches

thighs:             26 inches


Final Measurements

155 pounds (-19 lbs)

arms:             11 inches (-1.5")

waist:             28.5 inches (-2.5")

chest:             36 inches (-2") (D cup)

love handles:   35 inches (-4.5")  wow!!!

hips:               41 inches (-4")  woohoo!

thigh:              23 inches (-3")  yay!